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product arrow ACT109 Active Crop Spliced Leggings

Price Rp 95.000 Beli
Berat 0,25 Kg
Color: Charcoal, Size: 8  : 6pc
Color: Charcoal, Size: 14  : 1pc
Color: Charcoal, Size: 16  : 4pc

Code: ACT109
Active Crop Spliced Leggings

Size chart:
6 (~setara size XXS) LP cm, Pjg cm
8 (~setara size XS) LP 62-74cm, Pjg 72cm
10 (~setara size S) LP 68-78cm, Pjg 72cm
12 (~setara size M) LP 72-88cm, Pjg 72cm
14 (~setara size L) LP 76-94cm, Pjg 73cm
16 (~setara size XL) LP 80-96cm, Pjg 76cm
18 (~setara size XXL) LP cm, Pjg cm

Product details
Moisture wicking fabric
Spliced design
Elastic waistband
Back waist pocket with invisible zip
Cropped length
Nylon/elastane or polyester/elastane